Pre-Operative Reminders

Can I eat or drink before my anesthesia?
As a general rule, you should not eat anything after midnight before your surgery. You may drink clear liquids (eg. water, sprite, black coffee, tea without lemon) up to 4 hours before your anesthesia. If you smoke, please refrain.

Will I need someone to take me home?
Yes, you must make arrangements for a responsible adult to take you home after your anesthetic or sedation. You will not be allowed to leave alone or drive yourself home. It is usually suggested that you have someone stay with you during the first 24 hours.

Should I take my usual medicines?
Some medications should be taken and others should not. It is important to discuss this with your anesthesiologist. Do not interrupt medications unless your anesthesiologist or surgeon recommends it.

What should I wear?
If at all possible, wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to put on and will fit over bulky bandages or surgical dressings. Leave your jewelry and valuables at home.