Practice Manager - Olalekan Olanisa

Phone:  (954) 741-0636
Fax:  (954) 741-0639

South Florida Anesthesia provides anesthesia services to multiple facilities in Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade County, Florida. Our group consists of anesthesiologists as well as CRNAs. We strive to provide the highest quality anesthesia services with compassion, in an environment where each person is valued and respected.

Our Physicians
Scott Boydman, DO Tamora Bynoe, MD
Linda Castaneda, MD Alberto Motta, MD
Victor Muente, MD Elke Narcisse, MD
John Gomez, MD - Pain Management Gary Hindin, MD
Sergio Pinto-Torres, MD Stephen Kadet, MD
Jennifer Sarrica, DO Loren Korenge, MD
Andrea Henly-Seymour, MD Maria Lima, MD
Joyce Tecson, MD Amir Littman, MD
Carolyn Torrillo, DO Manuel Casanova, MD
Martin Cascio, MD